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  • AGGR

    Accelerate, maintain, and break through weight loss barriers


    AGGR Weight Management & Control Formula AGGR is a vegetarian and gluten-free dietary supplement that supports weight management.*
    AGGR combines four ingredients that work together to accelerate, maintain, and break through weight loss barriers.*

    AGGR Supports:
    Fat burning hormones Leptin and Adiponectin
    Healthy blood sugar levels and reduced cravings
    Appetite Control
    Proper fat metabolism

    About The Ingredients:
    African Mango (Irvingia gabonesis) is a fruit found and grown in West Africa. The extract derived from the seed has been shown to support weight management through appetite suppression and increased metabolic rate. It works to slow body fat production by supporting favorable changes in Glycerol-3 Phosphate, Leptin and Adiponectin which supports reduction of the conversion of complex carbs into sugars, fat burning and hunger management. WellTrim® iG is a trademarked and patented extract of Irvingia gabonensis that is a clinically proven ingredient that supports multi- functional weight management activity.

    Raspberry Ketone is a compound that produces the smell in raspberries. It supports the weight loss process by sup- porting the body's ability to produce Adiponectin, a hor-mone that increases metabolism, reduces fat cell size, and modulates a number of metabolic processes, including glucose regulation and fatty acid catabolism. Adiponectin is exclusively secreted from the adipose tissue and supports weight management via the brain similar to the action of Leptin, a hormone produced in adipose tissue that increases metabolism and supports appetite control.

    Green Coffee Bean Extract provides antioxidant activity and supports metabolism in order to burn higher proportions of lipids (fat) to carbohydrates. Green Coffee Bean Extract contains two important polyphenolic compounds—caffeic and chlorogenic acids. Caffeic acid provides a safe energy boost while being naturally low in caffeine. Chlorogenic acid helps to slow the release of glucose into the blood stream and reduces the absorption of dietary fat.

    Green Tea Extract is an excellent source of potent polyhenolic compounds (bioflavonoids with powerful antioxidant properties). Research has identified EGCG as the most powerful active polyphenolic compound in Green Tea that supports thermogenesis (fat burning), healthy blood insulin levels and appetite control. The Green Tea Extract used in our product is standardized to contain 70% EGCG per capsule!


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  • CN-B12

    Contains The Only Active Form Of Vitamin B12 In The Nervous System


    What is Methylcobalamin?
    Methylcobalamin is the active form of vitamin B12 that acts as a cofactor for methionine synthase in the conversion of homocysteine to methionine, thus lowering blood levels of homocysteine. Methylcobalamin acts as a methyl donor and participates in the synthesis of SAM-e (S-adenosylmethionine), a nutrient that has powerful mood elevating properties. Vitamin B12 can be absorbed sublingually, orally, and in a doctor's office it can be given by injection. Methylcobalamin is one of the two coenzyme forms of vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) but methyl form is used in the central nervous system. Vitamin B12 plays an important role in red blood cells, prevention and treatment of anemia, methylation reactions, and immune system regulation. Evidence indicates methylcobalamin has some metabolic and therapeutic applications not shared by the other forms of vitamin B12. Methylcobalamin donates methyl groups to the myelin sheath that insulates nerve fibers and regenerates damaged neurons. In a B12 deficiency, toxic fatty acids destroy the myelin sheath but high enough doses of B12 can repair it.

    Why It Is Important?
    Japanese scientists identified a form of vitamin B12 that protects against neurological disease and aging by a unique mechanism that differs from current therapies. Some of the disorders that may be preventable or treatable with methylcobalamin include Parkinson's disease, peripheral neuropathies, Alzheimer's disease, muscular dystrophy and, neurological aging. Americans have immediate access to this form of vitamin B12, and unlike prescription drugs, it costs very little and is free of side effects. Vitamin B12 is a general label for a group of essential biological compounds known as cobalamins. The cobalamins are structurally related to hemoglobin in the blood, and a deficiency of vitamin B12 can cause anemia. The primary concern of conventional doctors is to maintain adequate cobalamin status to protect against anemia. The most common form of vitamin B12 is called cyanocobalamin.


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  • Nature Ease

    An All Natural and Sugar Free Colon Support Formula

    Nature Ease

    If you don't get enough roughage in your diet, if you're constipated, or have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you may be taking a bulking agent like Metamucil, Citrucel, or Fiber-Con to make your stools larger and softer. If so, you may be pouring sugar or aspartame into your intestines.

    Sugar feeds the bad bacteria that can lead to fermentation, gas, and a suppressed immune system. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener linked to so many health problems that it takes a book that's nearly 1,000 pages long to document all of them (Roberts, J.J. MD. Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, Sunshine Sentinel Press, Inc., West Palm Beach, FL). You may need a bulking agent. But you don't need one with sugar or aspartame.

    Psyllium comes from the Plantago ovata plant. Sometimes the seeds and husk are used as a bulking agent. Both are mucilaginous, which means that when you put them in water, they absorb a lot of water and form a gel, softening and increasing the size of solid wastes. Psyllium is particularly resistant to fermentation, so it's not likely to cause gas. It contains more fiber and it breaks down more slowly, producing large amounts of butyric acid. Butyric acid prevents the development of cancer cells and appears to protect against colon cancer. In one study, a group of colon cancer patients who took 20 grams of psyllium seed a day for three months had a 42 percent increase in their butyric acid levels.

    Nature-Ease's Many Uses

    The same butyric acid that blocks cancer cells may be responsible for psyllium's beneficial activity in people with ulcerative colitis. When colitis patients were given 10 grams of psyllium seed twice a day, their remission was the same as when they took drugs containing mesalamine. You may be able to avoid more expensive medications.

    Psyllium worked in 85 percent of people with chronic constipation with no pathological cause. It even reduced constipation by 37 percent in some patients who had rectal and intestinal disorders. Check with the doctor before taking anything for constipation to make sure you're not masking symptoms from a more serious condition.

    The mucilaginous effect of psyllium soothes your intestines. It significantly reduced bleeding from hemorrhoids in a study of 50 people. But to be effective with hemorrhoids, you need to take it for at least a month. Psyllium's ability to absorb water also makes it valuable for people with diarrhea. In one study, psyllium decreased the occurrence of incontinent stools by a full 50 percent.

    The longer you take this fiber, the better it seems to work. It lowers total cholesterol and the potentially harmful LDL cholesterol. A group of people who took a little over five grams of psyllium twice a day for two months had lowered total cholesterol and LDL levels. Another group of elderly patients had a 20 percent reduction in total cholesterol after taking psyllium for four months. Men and postmenopausal women, but not premenopausal women, had a significant drop in triglyceride levels after taking 15 grams of psyllium.


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  • Ultra Vite

    Complete multi-vitamin and chelated mineral complex


    Ultra-Vite is a complete multi-vitamin and chelated mineral complex that is designed to provide the nutritional requirements your patients need in a convenient prolonged relaease, all natural, gluten free, vegetarian capsule that is taken in a “One-A-Day” fashion.  ChiroNutraceutical’s Ultra-Vite was designed to provide your patients with a high potency supplement that is formulated with a prolonged release delivery system which maximizes absorption and utilization. In addition to vitamins, Ultra-Vite contains chelated minerals and additional support factors including bioflavonoids, rutin, herperdin, Betaine HCL and glutamic acid.  Ultra-Vite contains NO artificial colors, flavors, or preservative; no wheat, gluten, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, crustacean shellfish or fish. 

    Our manufacturing facility is/holds:     
    FDA Registration for up to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing    
    Registered with the Drug Enforcement Administration    

    Licensed through the California Department of Health Services for the following:    
    Drug manufacturing    
    Processed Food Registration (required for food supplement manufacturers)    
    California State Board of Pharmacy    
    Certified Organic by QAI


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